About Us

About LGMG North America

In January 2019, LGMG opened their first North American aerial lift facility in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Often known as the birthplace of the aerial lift equipment industry, the location in Chambersburg allows for the optimal combination of top of the line aerial access equipment at a competitive price with longtime industry leaders and veterans at its helm.

With a focus on safety and customer support for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS), LGMG is bringing an ever-expanding quality product line and a vision for growth. With a complete line of ANSI 92.20 approved scissor lifts available as well as articulating booms, telescopic booms, and rough terrain scissor lifts on the way, LGMG North America is currently operating in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and Nevada.

LGMG North America is a mobile elevating work platform company that delivers quality aerial access equipment at the best prices to rental companies big and small. Our aerial lifts are already ANSI 92.20 approved and ready to be put into action on jobsites across North America. We are also focused on expanding nationwide with full service and support to help our customers succeed.

LGMG North America has proven reliability because our balancing sensors are tested one million times and our scissor mechanisms are tested one hundred thousand times. This rigorous testing ensures the aerial access equipment’s quality will meet our customer’s satisfaction. Our manufacturing techniques also keep prices low so that our products are affordable for all

Our History with the Industry

The parent company of LGMG North America, Lingong Machinery Group was founded in 1972 in Jinan, the capital of the Shandong Province, and is one of the leading construction machinery groups in China. Officially designated as one of the top 100 enterprises in the industry, Lingong Machinery Group consists of three core companies: Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd (SDLG), Lingong Group Jinan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd (LGMG) and Lingong Special Machinery Co., Ltd., along with 16 other affiliated companies. Our business segments include construction machinery, mining machinery, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPS), special machinery, and component manufacturing.

The LGMG mobile elevated work platform was created to meet a crucial need identified over 46 years of group construction machinery and manufacturing experience. The aerial lift equipment by LGMG achieves critical integration between construction, machinery, and technology which allows professionals to adhere to quality, safety, and environmental standards while increasing efficiency in order to remain competitive in the aerial access industry. As a result, we rank in the top 5 manufacturers of mobile elevated work platforms in China.

Our Equipment

LGMG offers a full range of scissor lifts and rough terrain scissor lifts along with articulating and telescopic boom lifts. Thanks to our high-quality standards and reliability, our products have been distributed to more than 30 countries including Norway, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States. To meet this growth, the European branch of LGMG was established in September 2018 to provide comprehensive services to the region. Further nurturing this expansion, LGMG has North American locations in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and Nevada.

We believe in providing complete production solutions to customers while focusing on providing value and top-of-the-line customer service. We aim to continuously improve our operation management and innovation capabilities while providing safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly products to our global partners and customers.